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All the prices below are based solely on my cost price, and not based on market value. Therefore older comics tend to be cheaper than newer comics. All prices would be negotiable upon bulk purchase!

Interested in anything? Email me for questions or clarifications.

More comics, toys, animes, trading cards and other collectibles will be added whenever I have time to update the list. I still have more stuff to sell =)

I also plan to put scans of everything I sell...when I have time to scan and link everything up!


Marvel Alpha Flight Lot #1, 7, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26 (All by John Byrne) NM/M P300
Marvel Alpha Flight #51 1st work of Jim Lee F P50
Marvel Amazing Spiderman #365 Mark Bagley NM/M P100
Eclipse AppleSeed Lot Book One #1, 4, Book Two #4, 5 Book Three #2, 3, 5, Data Book #1 NM/M P1000
Image Art of Homage Features art by Jim Lee, Campbell, Charest, etc. NM/M P180
DC Aquaman Set #0-25, Annual #1, Time and Tide #1-4 NM/M P1500
Marvel Avengers Rough Cut #1 ContainsB & W pencils of George Perez NM/M P160
Marvel Avengers #12 George Perez NM/M P150
Marvel Avengers :Kree Skrull War TPB Art by Neal Adams M P1200
Image Backlash Set #1-6, #12-14 Art by Brett Booth NM/M 500
Image Backlash vs. Spiderman Set #1-2 by Brett Booth NM/M P180
DC Batgirl #1-3 New Batgirl NM/M P300
DC Batman vs. Judge Dredd Painted art by Simon Bisley NM/M P300
DC Batman: Digital Justice HC The 1st and only computer generated Batman Graphic Novel NM/M P700
DC Batman : Gotham Knights #1-2 Art by Jim Lee and Brian Bolland NM/M P250
DC Batman vs. Predator Set #1-3 (Dave Gibbons , Andy and Adam Kubert) NM/M P250
Marvel Best of Marvel Comics HC Reprints the very best of Marvel Comics VF-NM P950
Image Black Ops SET #1-5 (1st series) #1-3 (2nd series vs. DV8) NM/M P650
Ultraverse Breakthru #1-2 Set Ultraverse crossover book by Perez NM/M P150
Dark Horse Buffy #1 with Photo cover NM/M P100
Dark Horse Buffy #2 American Exclusive cover NM/M P130
Marvel Captain America Rough Cut B&W artwork by the great Ron Garney NM/M P100
Marvel Captain Marvel Set #0-15 NM/M P1600
DC Catwoman Set #0-25 NM/M P1500
Image Cyberforce MiniSeries #1-4 Marc Silvestri NM/M P290
Image Cybeforce Ashcan Set (4 ashcans) One of the ashcans is signed NM/M P300
Dark Horse Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998 1st comic appearance of Buffy NM/M P400
Marvel Daredevil #319-325 "Fall From Grace" storyline NM/M P500
Marvel Daredevil : Man w/o Fear #1-5 by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. NM/M P850
Marvel Daredevil & Black Widow GN Jim Starlin and painter Joe Chiodo NM/M P500
Image Darkminds TPB Plus FREE Darkminds 1/2 Pat Lee art NM/M P950
DC/Marvel DC vs. Marvel #1-4 Set includes Dr. Strangefate #1 NM/M P800
Image Deathmate Complete Set Contains Prologue, Epilogue, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Tourbook, Diamond & Advance Preludes NM/M P800
Image Freak Force Set Contains the entire #1-18 series plus 2 Super Patriot mini series:26 comics total VF-M P600
Image Essential Gen 13 Archives 500+ pages reprinting the mini series and #0-13 of the regular series!!! (Art by Scott Campbell) NM/M P650
Marvel Fantastic Four #4 Variant cover signed by Whilce Portacio VF/NM P80
Image Fathom Collected Edition #1-5 By Mike Turner NM/M P1400
Image Gen13 #1 "Gen Babies" variant cover J. Scott Campbell NM/M P200
Image Gen13 #1 "Brady Bunch" variant cover J. Scott Campbell VF-NM P250
Image Gen 13 3-D New story by Arthur Adams NM/M P150
Image Gen 13 & MonkeyMan/Obrien #1-2 By Arthur Adams NM/M P200
Image Gen 13 vs. Generation X #1 Art by Arthur Adams NM/M P120
Marvel Generaton X #1 Chromium Cover NM/M P160
Marvel Generaton X & Gen 13 #1 By Scott Lobdell & Salvador Larroca NM/M P140
Dark Horse Ghost #1-3 plus Intro Art by Adam Huges NM/M P280
Marvel Ghost Rider TPB Reprints #1-7 NM/M P350
Marvel Ghostrider #26 & 27 Crossover with X-men #8 & 9 NM/M P150
Marvel Hulk #1 Byrne & Garney F P50
Marvel Hulk Set #426-467, Annual #17-20, Hulk vs. Hercules #1, Hulk vs. Venom #1, Hulk" Ground Zero" TPB, Savage Hulk book NM/M P4500
Marvel Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2 Set Peter David & George Perez NM/M P550
DC Justice League America Set #61-77, Spectacular #1 (2 covers) All by Dan Jurgens NM/M P1450
Image Hellshock Set Contains #1-4 and #1-3 (regular series) by Jae Lee VF-NM P420
Image Hellshock Ashcan SIGNED by JAE LEE NM/M P80
Image Homage Swimsuit Ashcan w/ COA Jim Lee, Campbell, Portacio, etc NM/M P150
Marvel Inhumans Set Contains Inhumans TPB by Jae Lee & the 4 issue Mini Series by Carlos Pacheco NM/M P1700
DC/Vertigo Invisibles Set Contains Vol. I #1-25, Vol. II #1-24, Vol. III #11-1 (Grant Morrison) VF-M P3800
Marvel Kazar Set #1-14, Annual #1 and Minus #1 (Mark Waid / Andy Kubert) NM/M P1400
Image Kindred #1-4 Starring Backlash & Grifter NM/M P290
DC Legends of the Dark Knight Set #11-15 "Prey" Storyline NM-M P300
Marvel Legion of Night #1-2 Set Pre-X-men art by Whilce Portacio NM/M P400
Dark Horse Magnus vs. Nexus #1-2 Complete Story by Mike Baron & Steve Rude NM/M P80
Marvel Marvel Boy #1 Marvel Knights title by Morrison & Jones NM/M P150
Marvel Marvel Team-up #79 Spidey w/ Red Sonja by Claremont & Byrne F P50
Marvel Namor #16 John Byrne NM/M P50
Marvel Namor #26-38 Set Contains the entire run by artist Jae Lee!!! VF-NM P750
DC Nightwing "Ties that bind" TPB Features the new costume of Nighwing and a prelude to the regular series! Denny O'Neil & Greg Land & Dick Giordano P650
DC Outsiders #0-24 set Set contains 2 #1 with 2 different covers and insides VF-M P1200
Marvel Punisher War Journal Set (complete Jim Lee) Contains #4, 5, 8-13, 17-19, Eye for an Eye TPB (reprints #1-3) & Wolverine vs. Punisher (reprints #6 & 7) VF-NM P1250
Ultraverse Rune Set #0-6, Annual #1, Conan vs. Rune #1 All by Barry Winsor-Smith NM/M P300
Heavy Hitters Sachs & Violens #1-4 Set Peter David and George Perez NM/M P450
Viz Silent Mobius #1 Colored Manga by Kia Asamiya NM/M P180
Crusade Shi: Black & white & Red Collected Edition Early art by J.G. Jones! NM/M P300
Marvel Spiderman #1 (Black Cover) Todd Mcfarlane NM/M P150
DC Star Trek: Debt of Honor HC Graphic Novel by Chris Claremont & Adam Huges NM/M P900
Ultraverse Ultraverse #0 Jim Lee cover NM/M P150
Image Union #1Ashcan Art by Mark Texiera NM/M P50
Marvel X-Factor Set #87-92 Complete Joe Quesada X-factor Run. #92 has a hologram cover NM/M P650
Topps X-files #0 Based on TV show NM/M P150
Marvel X-Force #1 Opened Copy / No card NM/M P80
Marvel X-men #6 Jim Lee NM/M P80
Marvel X-men Masterpieces #1-3 featuring images from the trading cards - All artworks by Jim Lee NM/M P400
Marvel X-men: Shattershot Set 4 issue storyline by Jim & Jae Lee, Quesada, etc. NM/M P400
Harris Vampirella vs. Pantha #1 Painted artwork by Mrk Texiera NM/M P100
DC Vigilante LOT #2, 4, 12, 14, 19, 24, 30, 32, Annual #2` NM/M P95
Marvel West Coast Avengers LOT #43, 46, 48, 52 (Art by John Byrne) NM/M P100
Image Wildcats MEGA Set #0, 14-50, Wilcats vs. Spawn #1-4, Sourcebook #1-2, Trilogy #1-3 (#50 is a limited edition Chromium cover) NM/M P3950
Image Wildcats TPB Reprints #1-4 NM/M P300
Image Wildstorm Rarities By Lee, Campbell, etc. NM/M 180
Image Witchblade #1 Black & White Mike Turner NM/M P130
Marvel Wolverine & Punisher" Revelations TPB Manga art by Pat Lee NM/M P650
DC Wonder Woman #90 1st DC art of Mike Deodato!!! VF/NM P150
DC Wonder Woman #300 Featuring lot of guest artist NM/M P200
DC Wonder Woman Set #101-136, Annual #5, Secret Files #1, #1,000,000 - (John Byrne run) NM/M P3200
DC World's Finest #1-3 Set By Dave Gibbons and Steve Rude NM/M P450
DC Zero Hour #4-0 By Dan Jurgens & Jerry Ordway NM/M P400


Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 72 P500
Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 90 P500
Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 90 P900
Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 90 P900
Classic Deathwatch 2000 100 P180
? Gen 13 Trading Card Binder - P500
Impe Marvel Universe Series 2 BOX P1000
Skybox Marvel Masterpiece Series One 100 P700
Comic Images Best of Olivia "All Chromium cards" 90 P800
Skybox Star Trek Deep Space Nine 100 P400
Fleer Power Rangers the Movie 150 P500
? Lady Death "All Chromium Cards" 100 P1000
Comic Images Luis Royo Series 1 & 2 180 P1200
Comic Images Unity "Time is Not Absolute" 90 P150
Topps Vampirella 90 P700
Topps Wildcats 100 P500
Topps Wildcats '94 all chromium cards 96 P200
Topps Wildstorm Series One 100 P1000
Wizard Wizard "GOLD" chromium cards - P100 each
Comic Images Wolverine II "From then Til Now"
Topps X-files Season 2 72 P250
Topps X-files Season 3 72 P250
Comic Images X-men 90 P180
Skybox X-men Series 2 100 P500
Fleer X-men '94 Fleer Ultra 150 P800
Fleer X-men '95 Fleer Ultra 150 P500


All toys are unopened and Mint In Box unless specified

Aquaman (DC Direct Figure with Box) P1100
Danger Girl Action Figure (Set of 4) P3000
Batman Beyond "200th Edition Batman" P1200
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Loose) P350
Buffy Prom Dress "ToyFare exclusive" signed by Clayburn Moore with COA P1100
Mazinger Head "Soul of Popynika" P2200
STAR WARS Bendables "Luke Skywalker" (MIB) P150


Posters / Books / Videos / Movies

She-Hulk Poster by Joe Jusko P150
Women of DC Universe Poster - Adam Huges P300
Grendizer "Soul of Chogokin" Poster P250
Pamela Anderson "In Pictures" Book P450
Buffy: The Girl Got Bite Unofficial Guide Book P500
Buffy: Angel Chronicles Vol. 1 & 2 (Novel) P150
Buffy: UnNatural Selection Novel P50
Buffy: Obsidian Fate Novel P100
Buffy: Child of the Hunt Novel P100
Buffy Chronicles: Unofficial Guide to the show P500
X-files The Movie LASER DISC (2 discs) P500
Power Ranger Turbo LASER DISC P500
Pamela Anderson VCD P150
Buffy Season One 3 Pack Video (SEALED) P1500